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Medication and Supplement Management

What you need to know about balancing medications and supplements

  • If you have low levels of certain vitamins or nutrients in your body, it can cause health problems or make existing conditions worse
  • High-quality supplements can often help to restore healthy levels of these vitamins and nutrients
  • Some people do best with a combination of medication and supplement therapy
  • Vitamins and nutritional supplements are often referred to as natural, but can still be used unsafely or interact with medications in dangerous ways 
  • Patients should consult a qualified healthcare professional to ensure that they are taking the right medications and supplements in the right amounts


Supplements are products that contain specific vitamins or nutrients. They can be bought without a prescription and are taken by mouth, typically to meet a dietary need or deficiency. While supplements can help to reduce health complaints when taken properly, they are not usually covered by insurance and are not regulated as carefully as prescription drugs. These medications have to be ordered by your doctor, and they must meet FDA standards and pass safety testing before they are made available to the public.

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Many patients feel that supplements can help to improve their health, even if they also need medication to treat or prevent health conditions. However, there are some potentially serious side effects that can result if people choose the wrong supplements, take them in the wrong amounts, or take them with prescriptions that interact in unsafe ways. Medication and supplement management services can allow you to receive careful evaluation and advice from a doctor to ensure that your prescriptions and supplements are not doing more harm than good.


How can I prepare for my appointment? 

Plan ahead and be sure to give your doctor all the information that you can. It’s important that you take the time to paint a full picture, telling the whole story. Keep a daily record of your mood and response to any medication, reporting any trends to your doctor. Click here for more patient information.

About AVALA Care 

The AVALA Care team is here for patients of all ages. We treat patients from the age of 16 years old. While AVALA Care specializes in managing and preventing a variety of health conditions, patients who are pregnant or think they may be pregnant should consult a doctor who specializes in prenatal care for the duration of their pregnancy. Read more about AVALA.

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