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Osteopathic medicine is a distinct branch of healthcare that combines traditional medical practices with a unique emphasis on the musculoskeletal system’s role in health and disease. Osteopathic physicians (DOs) undergo rigorous training to diagnose, treat, and prevent illness, all while considering the interconnectedness of the body’s systems.


 A cornerstone of osteopathic medicine, OMT is a hands-on approach to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal issues. Using precise techniques, our physicians apply gentle pressure, stretching, and resistance to enhance mobility, alleviate pain, and promote the body’s natural healing processes.

  1. Lifestyle Counseling: Our physicians provide personalized guidance on nutrition, exercise, and stress management to empower patients in maintaining optimal health. Lifestyle counseling is an integral part of osteopathic medicine, promoting preventive care and long-term well-being.
  2. Integrative Medicine: Incorporating a variety of therapeutic modalities, including conventional medical treatments, our physicians create customized plans that address the unique needs of each patient. This integrative approach may include medications, surgery, and other evidence-based interventions to complement osteopathic principles.
  3. Prenatal Manipulative Treatments: Dr. Faucheux’s expertise can also be used to help pregnant patients with the aches and pains associated with advanced pregnancy. Patients who struggle with migraines, sleep issues, joint pain and back pain may benefit from an OMT treatment plan to assist in relieving those symptoms.


  1. Comprehensive Assessment: Our physicians conduct thorough evaluations, considering medical history, lifestyle factors, and a hands-on examination to identify the root causes of health issues. This comprehensive approach allows for tailored treatment plans.
  2. Personalized Treatment Plans: Based on the assessment, our physicians develop personalized treatment plans that may include OMT sessions, lifestyle modifications, and integrative therapies. This individualized approach ensures that patients receive the most effective care for their specific needs.
  3. Continual Monitoring and Adjustment: Health is an ongoing journey, and our physicians are dedicated to monitoring progress and adjusting treatment plans as needed. Regular follow-up appointments and open communication ensure that patients receive the support necessary for sustained well-being.

How can I prepare for my appointment? 

Plan ahead and be sure to give your doctor all the information that you can. It’s important that you take the time to paint a full picture, telling the whole story. Keep a daily record of your mood and response to any medication, reporting any trends to your doctor. Click here for more patient information.

About AVALA Care 

The AVALA Care team is here for patients of all ages. We treat patients from the age of 16 years old. While AVALA Care specializes in managing and preventing a variety of health conditions, patients who are pregnant or think they may be pregnant should consult a doctor who specializes in prenatal care for the duration of their pregnancy. Read more about AVALA.

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