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Jason Faucheux, D.O. Family Medicine Physician

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Dr. Faucheux is a native of Covington, Louisiana and a proud graduate of St. Paul’s School. Dr. Faucheux always knew he wanted to become a physician. From a young age, he remembers being curious about the body and was amazed by what the human body was able to do.

“I actually grew up in the hospital system with my dad as a pharmacist and always volunteering or working in the hospital. In the hospital, I was always surrounded by good nurses and doctors who inspired me to never stop learning and achieving my dreams.”

Dr. Faucheux was drawn to become a Family Medicine Physician because of his desire to help make a difference in the lives of his patients by listening to them and offering a whole-person centered approach to healthcare. He enjoys helping patients make better sense of their health, feel stronger (mind, body, and spirit), and promote healing and wellness so that they can more fully experience life.

“It’s about the difference you can make in someone’s life, comforting them at the difficult times and celebrating with them the good news of health.”

“One of my life mottos is that the more we know and understand the body, the better we can work WITH it instead of AGAINST it. So, I enjoy helping my patients get to know and understand their body and better work with it for healing.”

Dr. Faucheux is excited for the opportunity to work with  AVALA Physicians and promote QUALITY care of all patients versus “quantity of care.”  He will be seeing patients in Covington at the AVALA Care clinic, a member of the AVALA Physician Network.


When Dr. Faucheux is not seeing patients, he is very involved with his church, his family and his friends. He enjoys being outdoors, going to car shows, riding bikes, hanging out at the beach, and running with his wife and two children.